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==Article Contributions==
==Article Contributions==
*[[Viscosity Modification]]
*[[Injection Techniques - Injection Techniques - Injection Techniques - Viscosity Modification]]
*[[Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)]]
*[[Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)]]

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Work and Contact Information


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
P.O Box 999
902 Battelle Blvd
Richland, WA 99352

EMAIL: m.truex@pnnl.gov

PHONE: 509.371.7072

WEBPAGE: http://es.pnnl.gov/staff/staff_info.asp?staff_num=776

About the Contributor

Mr. Truex has twenty years of experience at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in remediation research and field applications. His experience includes providing clients with technical support for remediation decisions through technology assessments, applications of numerical fate and transport modeling, and feasibility and treatability assessments. He specializes in evaluation and application of in situ remediation and attenuation-based remedies. Field experience includes work at Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and private remediation sites.

Article Contributions