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EMAIL: [mailto:amanda.j.barker@usace.army.mil amanda.j.barker@usace.army.mil]  
EMAIL: [mailto:amanda.j.barker@usace.army.mil amanda.j.barker@usace.army.mil]  
WEBPAGE: [http://www.erdc.usace.army.mil/Locations/CRREL.aspx]
WEBPAGE: [http://www.erdc.usace.army.mil/Locations/CRREL.aspx http://www.erdc.usace.army.mil/Locations/CRREL.aspx]
==About the Contributor==
==About the Contributor==

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Work and Contact Information


U.S. Army Cold Regions Research Engineering Laboratory
Building 4070 9th Avenue
Fort Wainwright, Alaska 99703 USA

EMAIL: amanda.j.barker@usace.army.mil

WEBPAGE: http://www.erdc.usace.army.mil/Locations/CRREL.aspx

About the Contributor

Dr. Barker is a Research Chemist at the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, located in the Fairbanks, Alaska, office. Her research interests are on the fate and transport of metals and other contaminants in the environment, particularly in permafrost hydrologic systems and on training ranges. For a SERDP project, she studied the fate and transport of metals from small arms firing ranges by applying advanced characterization methods.

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