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Work and Contact Information


Battelle Memorial Institute
505 King Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201

EMAIL: kucharzyk@battele.org

WEBPAGE: http://www.battelle.org

About the Contributor

Dr. Kucharzyk is a Senior Research Scientist with degrees in biochemistry and environmental microbiology, specializing in analysis of microbial community dynamics, directed evolution of microbial populations, analytical and biological assay development, and application of biological solutions for degradation and upcycling of contaminants. Dr. Kucharzyk’s background includes extensive project work on a variety of scientific initiatives, including toxicity and regulatory assessment of metals in groundwater and surface waters, microbial remediation designed to understand biochemical basis and cleanup of water from toxic chemicals, fermenter studies, protein modifications, proteomics, metagenomic studies, and geochemistry of contaminated sediments. Her current research includes the development of monitoring technologies using mass spectrometry for DoD groundwater contaminants, including chlorinated solvents, nitramine explosives, mycoremediation of total petroleum hydrocarbons, and development of encapsulation technologies for bioremediation of plastics. Dr. Kucharzyk is a technical leader for Plastics Circular Economy and Bioenabled Solutions initiatives at Battelle.

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