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==Article Contributions==
==Article Contributions==
*[[Remediation Performance Assessment at Chlorinated Solvent Sites]]
*[[Remediation Performance Assessment at Chlorinated Solvent Sites]]
*[[Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD)]]
[[Category: Contributors|Kulkarni]]
[[Category: Contributors|Kulkarni]]

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Work and Contact Information


GSI Environmental Inc.
2211 Norfolk, Suite 1000
Houston, Texas USA 77098

EMAIL: prkulkarni@gsi-net.com

WEBPAGE: https://www.gsi-net.com/en/people/employees/poonam-r-kulkarni-p-e.html

About the Contributor

Ms. Kulkarni is an environmental engineer with GSI Environmental Inc. and has over nine years of experience in engineering and environmental consulting. She earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, an M.C.E.E. in Environmental Engineering from Rice University, and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. Poonam has extensive project experience in methods to evaluate and enhance Natural Source Zone Depletion at hydrocarbon sites, including temperature-based monitoring methods. She has served as Co-Principal Investigator on multiple DoD-sponsored research projects including those that apply innovative enhanced bioattenuation technologies at chlorinated solvent sites, evaluate and reduce variability in groundwater monitoring data, as well as a demonstration of passive soil vapor extraction technologies.

Article Contributions