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Interested in Contributing?

If you are interested in contributing an article to the Enviro Wiki, prior to writing, please submit the following information through the Contact Us email form.

  • Title of article
  • Linking phrase for each article (defined in guidance below)
  • 3-4 bullets summarizing major content of each article
  • Reason for contribution (i.e., the topic is not currently covered; the topic is covered, but not complete)
  • Proposed submission date for each article
  • Credentials - if you were not asked to write an article
  • The following information as you would like it to be shown on your contributor page on the wiki
    • Name and title
    • Your email address and personal/organization web page (if you would like it shown)
    • Mailing address (if you would like it shown)
    • 2-3 sentence biographical sketch - check out the contributors page for examples

Preparing an Article

Below is the general guidance for preparing an article. I also highly suggest checking out other articles already completed as examples.

Writing Style

Each wiki article will be composed of a short 2-3 page ‘encyclopedia’-type article that provides a general introduction to the topic.

  • Assume the audience is a new-comer to the industry. Limit or clearly define technical jargon and concepts.
  • Include a “headline” paragraph before your introduction – it’s purpose is to catch the reader’s attention and get the main point of the article across in <6 sentences.
    • Include things like pros/cons, uses, limitations, summary ideas / take home messages, etc.

Linking phrases

  • Articles are connected to one-another with ‘linking phrases’. For example, in Borden’s SWQI article, the first mention of anaerobic bioremediation will link to the wiki article specifically on anaerobic bioremediation.
  • Please provide a phrase or phrases that you want to link to your article(s).

Figures / Tables

  • We cannot obtain permission to post some copyrighted figures and images on the wiki. Please identify public domain sources for all figures. If you cannot obtain public domain versions of figures, please communicate with us as soon as possible.
  • We would like to use the highest quality images possible. If you are going to copy images out of pdf files, please send us the original document so we can extract a high resolution image.
  • We can create gifs and imbed videos if you have any visuals that you think are helpful and would like to include.


Each wiki article should provide a brief introduction to the topic and then point readers to a few references for additional detail. Consider your reference list as a recommendation of the BEST, most useful and most up to date references on the topic.

  • Referring to ESTCP/SERDP projects that support the content of your article should be of HIGH importance.
  • Include a ‘Key Reference(s)’ for us to include predominately at the beginning of the article.
  • Public domain reports from DoD (ESTCP, SERDP, Air Force, Army, Navy), USEPA, ITRC and others are preferred, since these documents can be directly accessed.
  • Provide Digital Object Identifiers (DOI’s) for all applicable references.
  • If you want to reference a document that is not easily accessible AND you have a copy of it, please send the pdf along with your article. We are creating a document library in addition to the articles and would like to add as many helpful documents as possible.


  • Email your draft to the person that contacts you in response to the initial request to contribute (above).
  • Include all references, figures, tables, images, etc.
  • The draft will go through multiple levels of review and then it will be returned for you to address/accept edits, prior to going ‘live’ on the wiki.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need any additional information!