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Work and Contact Information


Battelle Memorial Institute
505 King Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201

EMAIL: karamurdoch@battelle.org

WEBPAGE: www.battelle.org

About the Contributor

Dr. Kara Murdoch is a Principal Research Scientist at Battelle with MSc. and PhD. degree in environmental biotechnology with focuses on degradation of organic pollutants, wastewater/sludge treatment technologies and microbial community analyses. With postdoctoral training, she has gained extensive experience on bioremediation technologies and development/use of molecular monitoring tools in combination with omics (proteomics/metagenomics) technologies. She currently leads/co-leads efforts for development of agricultural biologicals, application/development of bioremediation technologies to enhance clean-up of contaminated sites, corrosion control, use of biofilms to prevent of biodeterioration/help for bioremediation. She also co-leads the biological degradation of plastics and upcycling of plastics into high-value materials.

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