Dr. Jason Barnes

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Work and Contact Information


Exponent, Inc.
15375 SE 30th Place, Suite 250
Bellevue, WA 98007

EMAIL: jbarnes@exponent.com


About the Contributor

Dr. Barnes is a consulting geologist that has worked with Solutions-IES Inc. regularly for the last few years. He works on research, consulting, and educational projects related to how landscapes respond to perturbations, understanding how faults grow, tracking fluvial sediments, reconstructing basin thermal histories, quantifying the uplift and erosion histories of fold-thrust belts, extensional terrains, and high plateaus, as well as determining how subsurface hydrogeology effects contaminant dissemination and in situ bioremediation efforts. Jason helps develop and add Enviro Wiki content as well as reviews and shepherds the scientific content through the editing, MediaWiki coding, and QAQC processes.