Dr. Robert Murdoch

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Work and Contact Information


Battelle Memorial Institute
505 King Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201

EMAIL: murdoch@battelle.org

WEBPAGE: www.battelle.org

About the Contributor

Dr. Robert W. Murdoch is a Principal Research Scientist with Battelle Memorial Institute with a background in bioinformatics, microbiology, ecology, and environmental toxicology. He formerly managed a university bioinformatics core laboratory and served as an assistant professor in environmental engineering. Dr. Murdoch has broad project experience in metabolic pathway discovery for biodegradation of micropollutants and chlorinated solvents, microbial ecology, phylogenetics, fungal population ecology, and ecology and genomics of extremophiles. Dr. Murdoch currently leads and supports projects at Battelle in areas such as plastics biodegradation and upcycling, public health bacteriology and virology, and bacterial and fungal genomics.

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