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MainLogo-serdp-estcp.png aims to connect users with the most current and credible science and engineering research into the design and implementation of environmental projects. Financial support for is provided by the US Department of Defense environmental research and demonstration programs – SERDP and ESTCP. Articles are written by nationally and internationally recognized experts who provide a concise summary of the current State-of-Practice and relevant research results. Many of these authors have written similar articles for SERDP-ESTCP as part of the existing monograph series or for other publications. All articles are reviewed by our Editorial Board and outside reviewers as described in the editorial policy. Day to day administration is provided by Draper Aden Associates.

Editorial Board

Robert C. Borden, PhD, PE
B2E, Inc.

Jason Barnes, PhD

Exponent, Inc.

Kevin Finneran, PhD

Finneran Environmental, LLC

Kim Matthews

RTI International

John Wilson, PhD

Scissortail Environmental Solutions, LLC

Samuel Beal, PhD
CRREL Research and Development Center

Upal Ghosh, PhD
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Charles Newell, PhD, PE
GSI Environmental

Ellen Damschen, PhD
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Detlef Knappe, PhD
North Carolina State University

Alexandra Salter-Blanc, PhD

Craig E. Divine, PhD, PG

Rao Kotamarthi, PhD
Argonne National Lab

Lee Slater, PhD
Rutgers University


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